I'm Teriza,

a transpersonal/intuitive artist


When my creative

and spiritual paths merged,

magic started happening,

everything suddenly made sense.

I felt like I'd finally come


I've always been an artist.

(and so have you)

There was a time when I had the belief that to be an artist, one must go to art school, spend 10,000 hours learning a chosen medium...get an MFA. My friends who had theirs, though, told me this path may well have ruined me...had I taken it.

I spent years trying to teach myself how to be an artist, lamenting the story I held inside that said I couldn't afford art school, wasn't raised in a family that considered art a viable or "respectable" way to make a living. Still, I was drawn to art. I struggled to recreate what I saw, draw the perfect face, paint realistic landscapes. This brought me no joy and made me even more confused about the question I asked myself..."can I be an artist?" I became more and more suspect of the answers  I was getting from culture. I bet you can relate.

I was trying to train myself how to be an artist, not realizing there was an inherent creator within that needed no teaching. In fact, this process, this path, was leading me away from the true artist within. Instead of trying to learn how to visually duplicate the landscapes I saw with my eyes,  I longed to paint the landscape of the Soul. I came to know that what pulled me to create was the necessity to express what was inside and unseen. Everything started making sense, when I discovered the writings and psychology of Carl Gustav Jung, the Swiss psychologist.

Carl Jung said...

"My speech is imperfect. Not because I want to shine with words, but out of the impossibility of finding those words. I speak in images. With nothing else can I express the words from the depths"

Finally! Someone who gets me! Isn't this exactly WHY we create? This act of expression is a human right and vital to our well-being.

Our art is the voice within that yearns to be heard. This winding path has given me the most valuable knowledge, an education that art school would have been incapable of offering. It helped me come to truly know myself.

I was born to create.

(and so were you)

When I was 8 years old, my mother became paralyzed in a car accident. She was only 34, a paraplegic now, with six children from the ages 4 to 15. I was the middle girl in this now traumatized tribe. I've always been grateful she still had the use of her hands. After her accident, she was inspired by a young woman who'd become a quadriplegic after a diving accident. She'd read the story of how that young woman taught herself how to paint by holding the brush in her mouth. (It's always possible, it seems, that no matter how much pain we're in, we can always find someone that displays courage and resilience from trauma even more tragic than our own.) Inspired by this woman, my mom soldiered on and immersed herself in all kinds of creativity. She bought a kiln and produced massive amounts of ceramics, experimented with many paint mediums, dabbled in stained glass, crocheted each of us our very own afghans using our favorite colors. By hand, she made the dresses she found easiest to wear now that she was wheelchair-bound for life. I was happiest when I was creating with my mom. We both seemed to experience life through our hands. She inspired my curiosity,  resilience, and love of art in all its manifestations. She taught me how to heal my own trauma by her example, transcending through creativity. I believe my art and imagination draws from and connects to some deep ancestral place on my mother's Irish/Welsh side of the family tree.

On January 8, 2020, I was honored to help my mom transition to the other side. I witnessed her last breath and watched her hands stop moving forever.  She is no longer here in body, her hands no longer create, but our collaboration hasn't ended. Through my hands, her acts of creation are able to continue and her heart informs my heart now more than ever. As she taught me, I hope to lead you to your own interior knowing and authentic way of creating in the world which will help you heal your own tender wounds along the way.

Rumi said...

"I have come to drag you out of yourself, and take you in my heart. I have come to bring out the beauty you never knew you had and lift you like a prayer to the sky."



I desire harmony and strive to have a deep understanding of others.

I have an intense inner world. I think in images, recharge my energy in solitude and enjoy the exploration of what's possible. I love theory and big ideas.  I'm energized by deep, honest conversations about things that matter.

I want to focus on how we can help each other evolve and live life more fully.

I'm deeply interested in mystery. I search for hidden meaning and am sensitive and perceptive. I'm gifted at reading others and believe in constant growth. I'm a bit of a contradiction. I have a happy personality and a sad, deeply insightful soul. Life touches me deeply, the good and the bad. I long to see an end to bigotry, misogyny, discrimination of all kinds,  cruelty, greed, racism, religious intolerance, conflict, poverty and disease. I imagine a peaceful, tolerant world led by



I dream big!

I hope you do too!


I was born with the word "why" on my lips which has led to a love affair with books as I search for answers and seek to satisfy my craving for knowledge. My favorite self-care activity is curling up with a new book about something deep, magical and mysterious...most often it's a book about psyche...the SOUL.

Clairaudience (clear hearing) and claircognizance (clear knowing) are my strongest intuitive abilities and what fuel and inform my artistic endeavors.  SPiRiTsHAUS came to me one morning just as I was coming out of the sleeping state. (hypnopompia)  I've come to realize that the "spiritshaus" is me. Much like deciphering a dream, it became clear that the "home" I sought "out there" for years was here inside me all along. This was the beginning of a spiritual awakening...the end result is this space where you and I meet now...a place where we can gather and share our experience, strength, hope

& magic!


It brings me joy

to advocate for those on a

creative and spiritual path to wholeness. 

My purpose is to be a

friend and guide

as you embark on your own

inner quest.



to a sanctuary

for your creative


I can help you reconnect with your true colors,

your own wisdom within, so your creativity

can be an expression of your unique soul.