The Mirrored Tetrahedron

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Ever wonder if it's really possible to "get what you need" during a meditation sitting? I hope this story convinces you that when we truly let go and breathe, something comes in (spirit) to offer an antidote to what "ails" us. I began the guided meditation exercise feeling unsettled and chaotic. Toward the end of the journey, I was guided to "collect an object" from "the Temple". A mirrored flake fell to my imaginary feet. When I picked it up, I realized I held a mirrored pyramid shape in my hand. It had four sides. When the meditation ended, I'd forgotten my beginning emotional state. I was curious about this shape and wondered "why on earth would this show up?". So...much like dream work, I investigated the meaning. I discovered that the tetrahedron is the most stable and balanced shape, representing stability and equilibrium. Just what I needed to heal my chaotic emotional state! I then remembered having recently broken a mirror that sat in the garage awaiting its final fate. What a coincidence! I decided to create mosaic tetrahedrons. By the time I was finished, the mirror was reborn, the symbol lived inside me as an embodied sensation of tranquility and I was left with a KNOWING that I have everything I need within me to get through these tumultuous times.

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