Notes from an Intuitive Artist 11/12/20

Note to's good to let go. It's good medicine to create without an agenda or plan. When I approach the blank canvas, I let my body choose the brush, not my mind. I let the subtle urge find the first color and just notice what happens next. Does my hand feel like moving slow and steady, or does something in me want a fast flowing mark? I try to be an observer, constantly reminding my mind that it's not her turn to play. My body is at first hesitant, not sure if it's okay. After a time there's a greater sense of safety and this is when the magic starts happening. This is when what's deep inside shows itself in form and color, as if emotions stuck now are free to move. Color is energy and like a reflection of my inner landscape, it reveals itself. In this way, I meet it, befriend it. I start a dialogue with my inner, wiser, more sensitive Self.

Let Go

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