Course 1 the mobile

Sacred Geometry

Tetrahedron - 4 faces: Fire. Solar Plexus. True north, personal power and acceptance. Creates the natural balance between the physical and spiritual. Symbol for balance, stability...equilibrium.

Hexahedron - 6 faces: earth. Three-dimensional cube; matter, stability, solidity, patience, consistency, truth. Root Chakra. Has a grounding energy that is vital for establishing the foundation for creativity. Reduces stress and physical tension.

Octahedron - 8 faces: Air.  Heart Chakra. Healing, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion for self and others. A careful balance between multiple forces suggests the need for diplomacy, grace and willingness to be open to new information.

Dodecahedron - 12 faces: Cosmos/Zodiac. Throat Chakra. Sound, wisdom and creation. To speak something into being. Represents mystery and ascension and the subtle energies of spirit. Calls for trust in the higher wisdom of the Universe.

Icosahedron - 20 faces: Water. Sacral Chakra. Joy, well-being, emotion. Allows for freedom of expression and creativity. Represents abundance and flow.

We begin by getting a general sense of the five platonic solids, their shape, symbolism and spiritual significance. You'll do some simple doodling on recycled papers and after a bit of cutting, folding and gluing, you'll have a simple, elegant mobile to hang in your sacred space.

Step 1 doodle

download templates and doodle to your heart's content on the five design pages.

Step 2 cut

cut out each of the five shapes following the OUTER edges of each diagram for each shape including glue tabs.

Step 3 fold

fold along lines to create crisp each platonic shape, gluing tabs as you go.