Sacred Geometry
a workshop from SPiRiTsHAUS

The Greek philosopher, Pythagoras deeply admired the Platonic Solids. This may have been due to the energetic effects they produced. Have you ever explored the "sacred" in geometry? This will be a fascinating and fun exploration of the energetic, healing aspects of these five basic shapes. You'll be invited to try your hand at glass mosaic (it's not hard!), you'll learn some basic art skills and meditate on the energies of each of these five shapes as we create in various ways. Recycling is the theme in the Sacred Geometry courses, so you'll be doing Mamma Gaia a "solid" too! (sorry, couldn't resist!)

Sliding Scale $50-100

supply cost:  $ 20-50

The idea for this course is to work with as much recycled materials as possible...keeping this in mind,

You'll need to purchase a pair of running pliers, a carbide glass cutter, sanded grout (Habitat for Humanity ReStores often carry used boxes), a recycled mirror, recycled paper, masking tape, cotton string or fishing line, pen, ruler

(for reference only, you may find these at your local hardware store)


How long will the course be available? As long as the workshop is up on the site, you will have access using your password you created when purchasing. So, hang on to your password so you can always get in to the course site.

Is this a self-paced workshop? Yes. There will be video clips where I'll lead you through some of the mosaic processes, but otherwise text, photos and pdf files will be the bulk of the content as well as some audios.

Is this course appropriate for beginners? Yes. You don't need to know how to cut glass or be a mosaic artist to take this workshop. It is designed for beginners and the process is much easier than you might think. You can do this! Due to the nature of the tools and supplies, would not be appropriate for folks younger than 16.

What do I do if I need assistance during the process? The instructions, videos, photos, etc. will provide you with ample guidance, but if you need anything, just email and I'll be happy to help you. I want you to have fun and learn a new skill in the process!