Tree of Life

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TO BEGIN ...tap the arrow to listen to the Tree of Life guided meditation below. As you listen, it is my hope that you feel supported by the rich soil that nurtures your growing and accompanied by the trees all around you. Find a quiet space where you won't be interrupted for about ten minutes so you can focus on getting still and grounded. You can stand to get the sense of the energy of the tree or sit in a comfortable chair with feet on the floor. Do what feels right for you in this moment.

Tree of Life
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As you get ready to embark on this self-led journey, know that memories may surface. If at any point it becomes difficult, remember that you are part of a "holy grove". Reach out to others in the community for any support you may need or talk to a trusted friend or therapist.

Image by Lex Sirikiat

"be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop"



Course 1 - The Sketch

Supplies needed: 18"x24" Drawing paper
Step 1 - Draw a tree (refer to images at top of page)
making sure all elements are included, roots, trunk, branches, leaves, fruits, flowers and seeds. As you can see, a basket was used for the fruit and flowers and seeds were scattered on the soil in these examples. Have fun with this...make it a representation of the unique tree of YOUR life.
Step 2 - Label the elements:
ROOTS - Where you come from, home town, state, culture, ancestry.
GROUND - Write down what is in your soil...what you do to nurture yourself and your growth.
TRUNK - Note your values, skills and abilities
BRANCHES - This element represents your hopes, dreams, personal wishes and what you want for the whole of humanity.
LEAVES - Write down the names of those you love...friends, family, pets, heroes, etc.
FRUITS - Legacies passed on to you from those names on the leaves.
FLOWERS & SEEDS - The legacies you wish to leave to others.