Did you know you have a color signature?

Would you like to discover it?

The True Colors workshop is a fun, spiritual process to help you identify

your Divine Color Palette.

Girl at Color Run

Includes all three courses!

Intuitive Color Painting

Color Collage

Color Poetry


a free printable download


Woman Painting

What are YOUR true colors?

"Color is the place where our brain

meets the universe" ~ Paul Cezanne

SUPPLY LIST (for all 3 courses!)

​3 tubes watercolor or gouache paint

1 sheet 11x15 in. (or larger) cold press water color paper

1 pair latex gloves


1 sheet 11x15 in. (or larger) mixed media paper

glue stick

magazines/junk mail

notepad (any size)

SPiRiTsHAUS workshops

are like a retreat and art workshop

all in one self-guided


*Once the payment process is complete, you'll be directed to the TRUE COLORS workshop page.

Be sure to save your password for future access to the workshop material. ~ my best, Teriza