Looking for clarity & guidance?

We don't need to look outside

ourselves to find the answers we need.

Within us ALL

lies the secret to our own unfolding.

You (Yes You!) can create your own

Oracle of inner wisdom

This online workshop is a wonderful way to start a conversation with the voice inside...this wise one KNOWS just what to do. You'll be guided through a process that includes guided meditation, collage, free-association, automatic writing and design inspiration. At the end of this meditative, creative process, you'll hold in your hands your INNER TRUTH in image and text. With this Oracle deck of 42 cards, you'll be able to consult a card daily, create spreads and readings from your "inner realms".

If you're an Oracle collector, this deck will be something unique and special...

a real treasure...your very own WiSDOM WiTHiN.





glue stick

1 sheet white poster board

magazines/junk mail

assortment of colored pencils & marking pens

craft paint (optional)


that's all you need for this powerful process!

SPiRiTsHAUS workshops

are like a retreat and art workshop

all in one self-guided


*Once the payment process is complete, you'll be directed to the WiSDOM WiTHiN workshop page.

Be sure to save your password for future access to the workshop material. ~ my best, Teriza